Video is the better Photography! The Frankenstein-way of wedding-photography.

Posted in Photoblog, Photography by Rollfilm on September 2, 2006

Video killed the radio star, we knew that. But now video killed the wedding-photographer. Not that i care too much about wedding-photography, but this was something i came along this morning:

Action High Definition Photography” is a business located in California, USA, offering the usual wedding-photography service. Usual? Well, not really. First of all this service aims at a special audience, which is the “progressive minded bride”. (What about the progressive minded grooms?) Anyway. They offer “exceptional digital photography supplemented with stills from High Definition Video”. Actually the key word is supplemented. So there might still be a “classical photographer” around but the idea behind this is obvious. Having wedding photographs and in most cases a video of the ceremony and party is like bringing home souvenirs from a travel. A proof of what happened on a “special” day.

On a very rudimental level, the connection between video and photography is obvious. Video is mass photography with at least 25 frames per second accompanied by sound. The conclusion to get rid of another stranger at the wedding party who is doing photographs while there is still someone around who is recording a “High Definition”-video anyway is simple. Why pay for more, if we get what we want, by the work of a single person? Quote: “Two people can now do the work of four. Incredibly less invasive and less expensive!”

Lets break it down: Two people fall in love. They decide to get married. They want their wedding souvenirs (video and photographs). The family and friends of these two give presents. Since everyone needs a TV and since HD-TV sets are state of the art these days, buying a HD-TV set and hire someone who is recording the whole thing in HD is the perfect combination, even more since they get more (the photographs) out of HD-video as usually can be expected. “2 in 1” was a big hit in the nineties, but that was shampoo! Its getting worse now. In terms of wedding-photography (this issue is probably more relevant in other areas of life) the new Frankenstein-way of getting proofs for the “Best-day-in-our-life” has been created: 2 in 1 Wedding-Videography.

Best of all: “Three years from now this technique will be the norm” says owner Jack Valentine.

High-Definition-Weddings as the norm. “Wanna HD-marry me?”


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