Steve Iuncker – Palestine – Israel

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Palestine – Israel photos by Steve Iuncker.

Time Photo Essays

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A great source for various photo essays is the photographical archive of TIME

On The Trail In Iowa The race for the White House is well under way in the Heartland

Oil Boom in Azerbaijan The former Soviet republic overflows with oil and cash

Narco Netherworld Japanese photographer Kosuke Okahara traces the dark path of drugs from the jungle of Colombia to the streets of Medellin and beyond

What the Duck

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“The International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) is a nonprofit, democratic, and academically oriented professional organization devoted to the visual study of society, culture, and social relationships. IVSA membership is open to any person regardless of occupation, citizenship, or residence. The organizational membership represents a wide spectrum of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, education, visual communication, photography, art, journalism, and related fields.”

( IVSA statement)

The following photographs can be found on the page of Denis Rochefort in the IVSA gallery.

Denis Rochefort: “The People in Peril shelter in Worcester, MA is the last resort for the sick, homeless, and addicted residents of Massachusetts’ second largest city. Race, class, and gender inequality as well as violence haunt many of the residents.”