Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes

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Kyle Cassidy traveled 15,000 miles over two years photographing Americans in their homes and asking one question:

“Why do you own a gun?”

I love history and I love old mechanical devices — guns are both. I also enjoy target shooting.”

When I was diagnosed with cancer I found myself and my family in need of protection. I was too old to fight, too sick to run, and since cancer took my vocal cords, I couldn’t yell for help. I purchased
my first ever firearm.”

My family had guns the whole time I was a kid. then i went off and joined the army and went away and come back. I have guns now largely for the same reason I have fire extinguishers in the house and spare tires in the car. I’m a self reliant kind of guy. and there could come a time when I need to protect my family and i’m a self reliant kind of guy.”

I have one for self protection. I was raised to never rely on anyone else to protect me or watch my back. It took me a year to pick out one that I liked.”

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Kodak Moment 2.0

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