Jan Sochor – Photo-Essays

Posted in Art, Jan Sochor, Journalism, Photoblog, Photoessay by Rollfilm on January 19, 2008

Unfortunately there isnt much information given about Jan Sochor on his website or elsewhere in the net. He is describing himself as a:

[f]reelance photographer & webdesigner, born in Czech Republic, changing his base between South America and Europe.

At the moment 13 essays are published in his website The topics cover a topical range


Amazon River: People living on the Amazon river banks, the largest river system in the world. Indigenous people pushed to the edge, Brazilians caught in the jungle towns with no hope to escape.


Jesus Combat: A slum called Calvario shows everydays effort made to survive in a ghetto. Collecting rubbish, get high by sniffing glue and watch out for not to get shot dead by El Sheriff.


Women Gold Miners: Women miners working in goldbearing mud, searching for gold and platine in the jungle rivers of Chocó, the western lowlands of Colombia.

The following photographs are taken from the essay Cockfight

Go to and check out all essays.


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