“The Impassioned Eye” – 2006 documentary on Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Henri Cartier-Bresson, the relatively reclusive master of 20th century photography and the grandfather of photojournalism, personally involves himself for the first time in a film project about himself in HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON: THE IMPASSIONED EYE.The intense vitality and presence of Cartier-Bresson’s recollections bear eloquent testimony to his “impassioned eye.” An incomparable visual journey traces half a century of photographic assimilation of the world, exploring entire continents and introducing us to people, whose often delightfully humorous portraits by Cartier-Bresson, are frequently as famous as the sitters themselves.Actress Isabelle Huppert, playwright Arthur Miller, publisher Robert Delpire and the photographers Elliott Erwitt, Josef Koudelka and Ferdinando Scianna present their own very personal views on Cartier-Bresson as friend and photographer.

source: Palm-Pictures

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Charlie Rose talking with Photographers

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Just in case you have some spare time, here is something you can fill it with. Michael recently posted about Charlie Rose’s talks with several photographers, e.g. with HCB or Nachtwey (see embedded video below).

Rose talking with James Nachtwey, Robert Nickelsberg, Yuri Kozyrev & Kate Brooks

Many episodes of his show can be watched on You could go to Michael’s post as well where you’ll find a short list of direct links.