Martin Parr in Interview

Posted in Art, Interviews, Parr, Photography by Rollfilm on May 12, 2007

To add to the line of referrers: Here is an Interview with Martin Parr which i found via 2point8

Go to Michael’s site for an interview-extract and a link to a mp3-file of the interview.

There is also a not-so-recent (16-03-2007) post by M. Parr on the magnum-blog, where he talks about his trip to Dubai.

Martin Parr

[photo: magnum-blog]

Charlie Rose talking with Photographers

Posted in HCB, Interviews, Nachtwey, Photography by Rollfilm on March 22, 2007

Just in case you have some spare time, here is something you can fill it with. Michael recently posted about Charlie Rose’s talks with several photographers, e.g. with HCB or Nachtwey (see embedded video below).

Rose talking with James Nachtwey, Robert Nickelsberg, Yuri Kozyrev & Kate Brooks

Many episodes of his show can be watched on You could go to Michael’s post as well where you’ll find a short list of direct links.